Test Preparations Questions and Answers

Why a two-day course for stage one?

Quite simply we cover so much material and give such in-depth explanation as to how to solve problems / test questions that we need the two full days to do this properly. We feel ourselves and it has been said by a number of course participants that a third day would be beneficial. However course participants may find it difficult to attend for three consecutive days.

Why two eight hour days?

Again this is as a result of the quantity of material covered and the depth of explanation.

Why such in-depth explanation?

While we have been able to cover material very similar to that which appears on tests since we started holding courses in 1996, we believe that this in itself is of limitedbenefit unless the candidate understands where answers are coming from. Additionally our preferred approach is to give candidates a skill set that they can apply to any questions that appear. Effectively we teach the candidate to think out any similar questions building on what they have learned with us.True education only begins when a student can apply what they have learned to similar but slightly different material.

Why are there limited places on Testpreparations courses?

Places are limited, as we believe it allows for better individual attention to each participant. It also allows for easier explanation of material and test techniques and for greater participation by students.

Why do prospective candidates need to send a deposit?

We limit the number of students on each course. Our courses have traditionally filled extremely quickly. Many of our course participants are family members or friends of previous students who recommend Testpreparations when they get the career that they wanted themselves. Additionally course participants have been recommended to attend our courses when researching their career options by serving members of the Garda Síochána, fire service etc, who attended Testpreparations courses themselves.

The deposit is our way of ensuring a commitment from people expressing an interest in attending so that much sought after places on our courses are allocated to candidates who are genuinely interested in attending.

What is our refund policy?

As demand for our courses is very high it is unfair to book a place and then withdraw (Regardless of the reason). For this reason we do not refund deposits to persons who fail to attend a course or who withdraw from a course with less than three days notice prior to the start date of the course.

Why do Testpreparations only hold courses as competitions are advertised?

While most of the aptitude test for the careers we hold test preparation courses have changed very little over more recent years that is no guarantee that they might not change with each new recruitment competition. There have over the years been changes from small amendments in some tests (e.g. the most recent Garda Aptitude Test) to dramatic changes on others from competition to completion (e.g. Different fire services have used different tests from Fire Brigade to Fire Brigade and from one competition to the next).
There is no benefit in preparing a student for a test that might be dramatically different from the material we covered.
Such practice would in our opinion be a waste of the student’s time and more importantly money.

Why do Testpreparations not accept bookings until Recruitment Competitions are announced?

As everybody is too well aware the current economic climate has meant that many organisations are not currently recruiting. We believe that there is no benefit in taking a booking from a potential course participant if we cannot deliver a course within a reasonable time frame. This is further complicated by the fact that a candidate might change their mind about their current career plans or may over time become ineligible to apply for their aspirant position.
Our advice to people has always been to wait until competitions are advertised and book a place then.

Can a potential course participant register their interest and be kept on file pending an appropriate course?

Absolutely! Just drop us an e mail and we will keep you on file.