Fire Brigade Recruitment Competition
Thought I would post this to help anybody considering attending a course for Fire Brigade Aptitude Test.
We have received a number of enquiries over the last few days concerning a possible Fire Brigade Recruitment Competition.
To the best of our knowledge there is no fire service recruitment competition being held by any of the full-time Brigades at present.
A lot of callers are specifically saying that it is a DFB recruitment. This we can say with certainty. There is no DFB recruitment competition advertised. As the DFB have recruited both from the four Dublin Councils and held an external competition only last summer it is highly unlikely that such a competition will be advertised again so soon.
We would advise anybody contemplating attending any preparatory course for any aptitude test to wait until a competition is advertised. To do otherwise may prove a waste of your valuable time and even more importantly your hard earned and more valuable money.
It would be the easiest thing for us to hold courses. However as always, in an effort to maintain our exceptionally high standards and integrity we will not do so until competitions are advertised.
There is more to our business than simply making a profit we want our courses to fulfil participants desire to get the job they want.

If interested in being kept on file for future competitions e mail us through the site.
Wishing you every success.