Andy Purcell
4th June 2020

I couldn’t recommend Paul enough, the course I did was brilliant and nearly exactly the same as the real thing


Mark Cannon here. Did your course (Garda Recruitment) in 2005/2006. Got the call for Guards. So just to say thanks a million for all your help. Cheers

“I knew i wanted to join the Gardai from an early age but who knew it would be so hard?? The first time i sat the exam for the Initial test i got such a shock, i was not used to this format at all – I failed miserably and i didnt even pass the test.

When the competition came out again i was determined to do well, i knew i needed some help to score well in the Test. I heard about this weekend course being run by “Test Preparations” so i called that very day to book myself a place.

The course is everything you imagine is going to be, fun, informative, well laid out, and everyone is there for the same reason. There is only a certain amount of places on the course so there is lots of time for Q & A.

Paul O’Reilly has a natural ability for teaching and his course is well thought out and i felt so confident and prepared for the test by the time the weekend was over. In the Garda Trainee Competition 2005 i scored 854 and i know it was all down to this course”

Mark Cannon

Test Preparations

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