Why Choose Us?

Test Preparations have been holding aptitude test and interview preparation courses since 1996 and during this time have had an extremely high success rate at both the Aptitude test and Interview stages of the selection process. In fact we are one of the longest established course providers in Ireland.

We are not in the industry as long as some other course providers but since entering the Irish market have raised industry standards across the board in terms of accuracy and quality of material, level of explanation and follow up client care.
A recent survey of previous Test Preparations course participants showed a 97% success rate at Stage 1 of the selection process, many of whom were in the top one hundred places.

Not only do we cover material very similar to what appears on the actual aptitude test but we also explain it in such a way that participants can apply what they learn to any type of questions which appear on the actual test.
Over the last twenty one years we have assisted thousands of people to realise their dream of becoming Gardaí, Firefighters, Paramedics, Members of the Defence Forces, Pilots and various other careers. Many of whom are now serving at the highest levels in their respective careers.

Our 97% success rate speaks for itself.
A recent survey of previous Test Preparations course participants showed a 97% success rate at Stage 1 of the selection process, many of whom were in the top one hundred places.

Positive Atmosphere
At testpreparations we have always strived to ensure that we create a positive, relaxed, friendly atmosphere on our courses. Whilst a large amount of material is covered and fully explained we actively encourage clients to ask questions and seek clarification. A variety of teaching and learning styles are used to keep students stimulated. Our courses are informative, stimulating and have been described by many as fun. While we use it when necessary as a teaching aid we do not use powerpoint excessively as studies have shown and you will know the negative learning impact this can have.

Contact Time.
Testpreparations courses are normally two full days, starting at 10 AM and finishing at 6 PM.
Clients receive at least twice the contact time with tutors than those attending one day courses.
Quite simply we cover so much material and give such in-depth explanation as to how to solve problems / test questions that we need the two full days to do this properly.

Over the last twenty one years the quality of our courses not only helped our own clients to succeed but have raised industry standards across the aptitude test preparation and training industry.

Customer Care
We were the first aptitude test course provider to give our students our contact numbers on completing the course. All test preparations course participants can contact us after courses to discuss any issues which they encounter with follow up preparation after the course.

Follow Up Online Material.
On completing the course all course participants receive addittional follow up practice material free of charge. Tutors are contactable to assist with this when required.

All Test Preparations Instructors are qualified teachers, holding either an Honours or Masters Degree and Higher Diploma in Education. In addition to this our principal Instructor, Paul O’Reilly is qualified in test administration to British Psychometric Society Standards.

Our Team of Instructors

Paul O’Reilly

Paul O’Reilly our lead instructor founded Testpreparations in 1996 having assisted people undertaking aptitude tests and interviews since the early 1990s. He has a BA Hons Degree and Higher Diploma in Education from NUI Maynooth.

He is qualified to British Psychological Society standards in Psychometric testing. He has practical experience of interviewing candidates while working with a large international retail chain in the UK. He has tutored candidates for aptitude tests and interviews from recruitment level to senior managements positions in large public and private sector organizations.

Liz Sheehan

Liz Sheehan has been with Testpreparations since 1996. She holds a BSC Hons in Pharmacology and Maths, an MSC in Food Science from UCD and a higher Diploma in Education from NUI Maynooth.

Liz is a registered secondary school teacher with 26 years experience teaching a variety of students of all ages and levels and has achieved outstanding results with students. She has a proven track record of assisting even the weakest of students to gain success in numerical tests.

Retired Assistant Commissioner Kevin Ludlow

Kevin Ludlow is a former Assistant Commissioner in An Garda Síochána and during his 38 years service held a variety of posts, both operational and administrative. He is very experienced in Garda recruitment, training and development and is uniquely placed to bring this wealth of knowledge and skill to the requirements of the interview preparation process.

He is a former Director of Training and Development at the Garda College and also held the position of Superintendent in charge of Student Training. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Police Management and an Advanced Management Diploma in Executive Leadership from the Michael Smurfit School of Business, University College Dublin.

Retired Superintendent Jimmy Smith

Retired Garda Superintendent with 39 years service, educated to Master of Science level in Human Resource Management.

Varied operational experiences (including a number of Specialist Units) administrative, budgeting and staff management together with strong negotiation, planning and strategic skills.

Retired District Officer Jeremiah Greeley

Jeremiah Greeley is a retired District Officer with 40 years experience in the fire brigade.

Jer has been involved in both operational fire service and in training to all levels within the organization.